Spring Is Here!

We’ve finally left the winter behind, so now’s the time to start seriously thinking about giving your house a proper spring clean. There’s nothing like a good sort out after all, so here are a few hints and tips from Fulham domestic cleaning company Easy Cleaning London to help you all out. Move your furniture… Read More »

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Consider Using Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Spray Around Your Home Hiring a domestic cleaning firm in Chelsea is often the best way to ensure the products used in your home are safe and environmentally friendly. However, you can make your own eco-conscious cleaning spray from ingredients already lying around your home. Guardian columnist and self-confessed green… Read More »

Hide Bleach From Children

Your Chelsea domestic cleaning service will certainly advise you to ensure that all cleaning products are kept well out of the reach of children, since so many of them contain irritants and poisons that if discovered by little fingers could cause quite serious accidents. And now a new social experiment has been conducted by the… Read More »

4 Tips For Vacuuming Carpets

Vacuuming may seem like a simple task, but many people may not be getting the most out of their cleaning routine. Follow these best-practice tips to ensure your carpet cleaning is as good as possible. 1. Slow and steady Are you a speed demon when it comes to cleaning? While this may mean your tasks… Read More »

How To Get Mud Out Of Carpet

As lovely as autumn is, with the leaves changing colour and the days getting cooler, this time of year can be really quite disastrous for the cleanliness of our houses and places of business. The rains inevitably come down in buckets from October onwards, which means that people come tramping in and out of buildings… Read More »