5 Surprising Uses For Fabric Refresher!

By | 16th November 2015

5 Surprising Uses For Fabric Refresher that you just have to read!

Even if you hire Clapham domestic cleaning services to help you keep your house spick and span, you’re sure to want to do a bit of cleaning in between times that they come and visit. Here are a few unexpected uses for fabric refresher you might like to try at home.

Spritz the bathroom

Use your refresher to give your shower curtain and bathmat a new lease of life. You’ll be very surprised at the results, we promise.

Your duvet

Cleaning your bedsheets is easy. All you have to do is stick them in the washing machine and let your detergent do the rest. But what about your duvet? You can have these dry cleaned (and you should do that once a year), but in the meantime keep them smelling fresh with a bit of Febreze every now and then.

Winter warmers

Now that the weather’s colder, you’ll all be reaching for your hats, gloves and scarves. However, they may have a musty smell if they’ve been in your drawers for months, so freshen them up with a spray here or there. Then when the weather heats up again, spritz them before you put them away for the summer.

Stuffed animals

Keep your children’s toys fresh and clean by spraying them with fabric refresher every now and again.

Your hallway

If you want guests to think your house smells lovely as soon as they step through the front door, give your welcome mat a bit of a spray to keep your home as welcoming as possible.