Tips For Cleaning Rented Accommodation When Leaving

By | 9th June 2016
When moving out of rented accommodation, you will want to make sure you leave it in the same condition as it was when you moved in. That’s why we have put together some tips on how to spruce up your flat or house so it is spotless for the next tenants:

Get professionals

The easiest way to make sure your dwelling is clean from top to bottom is to look for end of tenancy cleaning professionals in Balham. Skilled with removing stains from carpets, walls, worktop surfaces and furniture, they will be able to make the place look as good as new. They will also clean in the nooks and crannies – such as behind the sofa and under the beds – which you will probably forget to do. What’s more, cleaners can work their magic on ovens and other appliances, so everything will look impeccable in time for the next residents.

Empty everything

The best place to start cleaning the flat or house is to make sure it is completely empty first. Move out all your belongings and get rid of anything left in kitchen cupboards. That way you can really dust and polish all the furniture. After the fridge has been emptied, give it a thorough clean by washing each shelf, rack and the salad drawer in hot soapy water, before drying with a cloth. Then simply switch it off at the mains and leave the door open.

Remove stains

If you have lived there a long time, the chances are you’ve left a few stains along the way. Whether it is a red wine mark, a make-up blemish or tea ring marks on furniture, it is important to remove all stains before you leave. You can use stain remover and follow the instructions on carpets, but you might have to dig out the same colour of paint if you have left marks on the walls.

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