Would You Have An Office Dog?

By | 19th May 2016
Offices are in need of the best domestic cleaning Balham has to offer at the best of times, but those special few offices that have a canine amongst the rank of its workers are sure to be even more keen to get regular, thorough cleaning of the workplace. It’s actually becoming a more common phenomenon with everyone from small independent offices to huge multi-national corporations opening their doors to its employee’s pooches. Nestlé has allowed employees to bring their dogs to work for the past 16 months – and its workers believe it has changed the office for the better. “People will stop you in the corridors to stroke your dog so you start talking to someone in a different part of the company who you’d never normally have spoken to, or have only encountered over email,” said one worker, according to The Guardian. The article also reports that eight per cent of the workforce are allowed to take their dog to work – and the largest and most notable instances of this seem to be companies who deal with dogs in their work. Nestlé owns pet food brand Purina and Mars Petcare, who produce Pedigree among other products, have allowed office dogs since 2008. However, June 24th marks ‘Bring Your Dog To Work Day’ an initiative which looks to raise money for dogs charities by employees bringing their pooches into the office for one day only. Safe to say our cleaning teams will be working overtime on June 25th to clean up the mess!

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