What sort of work are the cleaners prepared to do? Our cleaners are prepared to perform all cleaning tasks-Dusting, Hoovering, Tiding Up as well as cleaning bathrooms, toilets, ovens, windows, etc. What is the minimum duration of each session for regular services? Normally it is three hours a week. In some occasions we can negotiate for less hours. May I choose the day I'd like to have my cleaner? We will try to satisfy your requirements, but in some cases it may take few days to find the right person for that particular day. May I have the same cleaner every week? Once the cleaner is selected it will be employed in your house unless is out off work(sickness, holiday).In this cases it will be temporarily replaced. Do I have to give you my home keys? It is not necessary, but this is the most convenient and widely used way. Otherwise you can let the cleaners in before go to work or leave the key with your neighbors. How do I pay? Easycleaning-london Ltd. fees are payable in by Standing order or Debir/Credit card. How our cleaners are vetted and screened? All our cleaners are supplying us with two written references from previous employments, identification, proof of address, passed an interview. Is your work insured? Yes, it is. Full public liability insurance- £5 000 000 indemnity levels. What do I do if I am not  happy with my cleaner? If not we will change it immediately and find person with who you will be fully satisfied. What do I do if I am ready to give you a try? Please, fill in our online form or contact our office to arrange one of our specialists to visit you.

For a quote please Call us on 0800 731 2341 / 020 7206 2394.  e-mail: info@easycleaning-london.co.uk OR Book Online Here