Elderly People ‘Struggling’ With The Cleaning

By | 22nd March 2016
Older people living alone who are having a difficult time with routine tasks like vacuum cleaning, dusting, mopping and washing might benefit from hiring a domestic cleaning service in Knightsbridge to help them manage everyday jobs. New research commissioned by Care UK has found that one-third of people over the age of 70 find it hard to do minor household tasks, while 38 per cent are now unable to use their entire house and one in five can't go up or down the stairs without hurting themselves. What's more, nearly one-third do not use their kitchens because they no longer think it's safe for them to do so, the Daily Express reports. Furthermore, a quarter of people above the age of 70 are finding general house cleaning too much for them, while 41 per cent do not have the strength to maintain the garden. Head of care and clinical services with the charity Pauline Houchin explained just how tough it can be for children to watch as their parents get older. "We are seeing changes to the ways in which people live in their homes as they get older, with a need for more regular care for mum and dad," she was quoted by the news source as saying. Children who do have ageing parents might want to get in touch with a professional cleaning company to help them keep on top of all those daily tasks. Give us here a call at Easy Cleaning London to find out how we could help keep your homes clean and tidy this year.

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