How Often Should You Clean…?

Everyone wants to have a tidy and hygienic house, but you might not know how often you are meant to clean certain features of your home to have one. Here is some advice on keeping up to date with household chores from experts in cleaning in Fulham. Bedsheets This is often one thing that gets… Read More »

How To Get Your Carpets Looking Spotless

If you have pets or children or both, your carpet is bound to have taken a battering over the years. Whether there are muddy footprints, spilled juice or felt-tip marks on your floor, you might have given up trying to find a way to remove the blemishes. However, these tips from professionals in carpet cleaning… Read More »

Would You Have An Office Dog?

Offices are in need of the best domestic cleaning Balham has to offer at the best of times, but those special few offices that have a canine amongst the rank of its workers are sure to be even more keen to get regular, thorough cleaning of the workplace. It’s actually becoming a more common phenomenon… Read More »

Neil Morrissey’s Pub Branded Unhygienic

Health inspectors who recently inspected the Plume of Feathers pub in Staffordshire, owned by 53-year-old former Men Behaving Badly star Neil Morrissey, found that it fell below the expected health and hygiene standards required for such an establishment. According to the Sun, hygiene rules were breached nine times after the inspectors found dirty containers, out-of-date… Read More »

Late Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is in full flight, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for a thorough clean – in fact it is the perfect time! Read on for some tips for deep cleaning in Fulham for this coming weekend. Dust ceilings Walls and ceilings are definitely areas of the house that get overlooked when it comes to… Read More »

How To Keep Cleaning Safe For Pets

When you take on the best providers of cleaning Kensington has to offer, you get the knowledge and professionalism to tackle each job to a high standard, no matter the conditions. For pet-owners, we know that ensuring your home remains pet-friendly is a very important matter. For those times in between cleaner visits, we’ve compiled… Read More »

Top Tips For A Sparkling Oven

There are few domestic chores disliked as much as cleaning the oven, which is why it is a good idea to hire cleaning help in Wimbledon to take the task off your hands. But if you do have to undertake the job yourself, here are some tips to make cleaning the oven that bit easier:… Read More »