Hide Bleach From Children

By | 3rd November 2015
chelsea domestic cleaning serviceYour Chelsea domestic cleaning service will certainly advise you to ensure that all cleaning products are kept well out of the reach of children, since so many of them contain irritants and poisons that if discovered by little fingers could cause quite serious accidents. And now a new social experiment has been conducted by the Dutch government that shows just how attracted to these dangerous products young children are, the Daily Mail reports. The study found that young children were actually more attracted to cleaning products than to soft boys. In all, 50 per cent were drawn to the stain remover, 82 per cent went straight for the bleach and 64 per cent were attracted to the paint. The public service video was released after the Dutch government found that some 7,500 accidents take place as a direct result of household chemicals, with the majority of cases involving young children. If you are cleaning at home, make sure that all children are properly supervised. Keep cleaning products out of sight and reach, in a locked cupboard if possible. Keep such products away from food and medicine, and make sure that any unwanted or empty bottles are disposed of properly. Ask for further tips from your professional cleaning company and they'll be more than happy to help. We here at Easy Cleaning have years of experience in domestic cleaning and are always on hand to help our customers with whatever they need - so whatever you do, don't hesitate to get in touch.e