The Cleaning Powers Of Ketchup!

By | 8th September 2015

cleaning tootingKetchup Really Can Clean!

We're not sure it's something that Tooting cleaning services would necessarily recommend or bring with them as part of their cleaning kit, but apparently tomato ketchup is amazing at polishing up a saucepan or two... so perhaps bear this in mind the next time you're doing the washing up. Daily Mail writer Tessa Cunningham investigated the cleaning powers of this foodstuff and found that it can help restore tarnished saucepans back to their former glory by working some of the sauce onto the base with a sponge. Similarly, she found that ketchup was quite effective at cleaning up tarnished silver jewellery thanks to the acidic vinegar content it has. Ms Cunningham also discovered that the sauce was particularly good at getting rust off garden furniture. "The ketchup works like magic - within minutes the rust has disappeared," she said, giving the sauce a five out of five for this particular job. If you're keen to avoid using chemical-based cleaning products at the office or at home, it might be worth seeing whether ketchup works for you. Other natural cleansers you could use around the house include baking soda, which has proven useful for cleaning ovens in the past, a vinegar and lemon mixture that is good for cleaning floors and mopping, or even serving as a window cleaner, and even toothpaste - which can be used to clean fittings and fixtures in your bathroom. Why not give these ideas a try or speak to your professional cleaning company to see if they're willing to test any of these natural cleaners out for you.