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How Often Should You Clean…?

Everyone wants to have a tidy and hygienic house, but you might not know how often you are meant to clean certain features of your home to have one. Here is some advice on keeping up to date with household chores from experts in cleaning in Fulham.


This is often one thing that gets neglected during the weekly errands but it is important to wash your bedsheets once a week or fortnight. As they can carry a lot of sweat, dust, pet fur, hair and other deposits, they can become dirty quickly, so it is a good idea to keep them fresh and clean by washing them on a high temperature at least every two weeks.


Everyone wants a sparkling oven, but in reality, you only need to get this cleaned every few months. Hire a professional to take the workload off you and you’ll have a shiny new oven before you know it. Even so, it is a good idea to wipe down any debris after each use to delay the build-up of grease and grime for a little longer.


You will need to hoover your carpets once a week, or even more regularly if you have pets or messy children. However, when it comes to giving them a thorough deep clean, consider having them washed at least once a year. This will remove a layer of dirt you can’t see and leave them much cleaner, and healthier, than before.


Homeowners famously let food, grime and dirt build up in their fridges, which is why they can get pretty unhygienic pretty quickly. As this is the last place you want mould and bacteria to spread, it is important to clean your fridge every couple of months. Throw out old food and expired condiments, wipe up any spillages and give each shelf, tray and drawer a thorough wash in hot, soapy water.

Tips For Cleaning Rented Accommodation When Leaving

When moving out of rented accommodation, you will want to make sure you leave it in the same condition as it was when you moved in. That’s why we have put together some tips on how to spruce up your flat or house so it is spotless for the next tenants:

Get professionals

The easiest way to make sure your dwelling is clean from top to bottom is to look for end of tenancy cleaning professionals in Balham. Skilled with removing stains from carpets, walls, worktop surfaces and furniture, they will be able to make the place look as good as new. They will also clean in the nooks and crannies – such as behind the sofa and under the beds – which you will probably forget to do. What’s more, cleaners can work their magic on ovens and other appliances, so everything will look impeccable in time for the next residents.

Empty everything

The best place to start cleaning the flat or house is to make sure it is completely empty first. Move out all your belongings and get rid of anything left in kitchen cupboards. That way you can really dust and polish all the furniture. After the fridge has been emptied, give it a thorough clean by washing each shelf, rack and the salad drawer in hot soapy water, before drying with a cloth. Then simply switch it off at the mains and leave the door open.

Remove stains

If you have lived there a long time, the chances are you’ve left a few stains along the way. Whether it is a red wine mark, a make-up blemish or tea ring marks on furniture, it is important to remove all stains before you leave. You can use stain remover and follow the instructions on carpets, but you might have to dig out the same colour of paint if you have left marks on the walls.

How To Get Your Carpets Looking Spotless

If you have pets or children or both, your carpet is bound to have taken a battering over the years. Whether there are muddy footprints, spilled juice or felt-tip marks on your floor, you might have given up trying to find a way to remove the blemishes. However, these tips from professionals in carpet cleaning in Battersea could be well worth a try.

Quick action when it comes to spillages

Spillages are bound to occur from time to time, particularly if you have young children in the house. The best way to prevent them leaving a nasty stain is to act quickly, and blot up any excess liquid from the outside of the stain inward. Do not rub the stain as this could imbed the particles deeper into the carpet fibres. Use a detergent vinegar solution or a carpet cleaner if the stain is still visible, only dabbing a little at a time.

Use shaving cream on stubborn stains

This may sound a little unusual, but shaving cream works wonders on tough stains. Spray it directly on to the mark and leave to soak in for 30 minutes. Again, when it comes to removing the stain, simply blot it with a dry cloth without rubbing it further into the carpet. Once the blot has been lifted, spray the area with a mixture of vinegar and water and then wipe it away.

Heat wax for candle spillages

Many of us have left candles burning too long before realising there is hot wax drying quickly on our carpet. However, you need not fear if this has happened to you, as you can remove the wax easily. Simply place a white cloth over the wax on the floor, and iron over it so it heats up and becomes more malleable. At this point, you can scrape it off the carpet with a butter knife. If there is still more wax on the floor, place a paper towel on to the surface and iron on top of this. The wax should stick to the kitchen roll, lifting off from the carpet fibres.

Would You Have An Office Dog?

Offices are in need of the best domestic cleaning Balham has to offer at the best of times, but those special few offices that have a canine amongst the rank of its workers are sure to be even more keen to get regular, thorough cleaning of the workplace. It’s actually becoming a more common phenomenon with everyone from small independent offices to huge multi-national corporations opening their doors to its employee’s pooches. Nestlé has allowed employees to bring their dogs to work for the past 16 months – and its workers believe it has changed the office for the better. “People will stop you in the corridors to stroke your dog so you start talking to someone in a different part of the company who you’d never normally have spoken to, or have only encountered over email,” said one worker, according to The Guardian. The article also reports that eight per cent of the workforce are allowed to take their dog to work – and the largest and most notable instances of this seem to be companies who deal with dogs in their work. Nestlé owns pet food brand Purina and Mars Petcare, who produce Pedigree among other products, have allowed office dogs since 2008. However, June 24th marks ‘Bring Your Dog To Work Day’ an initiative which looks to raise money for dogs charities by employees bringing their pooches into the office for one day only. Safe to say our cleaning teams will be working overtime on June 25th to clean up the mess!

Neil Morrissey’s Pub Branded Unhygienic

Health inspectors who recently inspected the Plume of Feathers pub in Staffordshire, owned by 53-year-old former Men Behaving Badly star Neil Morrissey, found that it fell below the expected health and hygiene standards required for such an establishment. According to the Sun, hygiene rules were breached nine times after the inspectors found dirty containers, out-of-date produce and unhygienic chopping boards on the premises. A report stated that the freezer needed cleaning and defrosting, walls and floors in the kitchen were dirty, and there was no food safety paperwork on site either. A Stafford Borough Council representative was quoted by the news source as saying: “Numerous items in the refrigerators were past the in-house use by date label applied. The raw meat and ready to eat chopping boards were next to each other in the kitchen presenting a risk of cross contamination. I was concerned that the size of the kitchen was limiting adequate separation between hazardous raw foods and cooked/ready to eat items.” If you run a similar business and want to ensure you stay on the good side of the health inspectors, you need to hire a Kensington cleaning company to help you ensure the premises is spotless. Here at Easy Cleaning London we offer a reliable and professional cleaning service, with an entirely dependable team of employees. We provide daily office cleaning, as well as carpet cleaning, ironing, upholstery and curtain cleaning, domestic cleaning and even end-of-tenancy cleaning. Get in touch with us today to find out more about what we can do to help.

Nation’s ‘Dirty Duvet’ Secrets Revealed

While you don’t need the best domestic cleaning Wandsworth has to offer to tell you that you need to change your sheets regularly, it seems far more people would be surprised to hear they should be washing their duvet regularly too. A new survey from hyperlocal laundry app Laundrapp has found that 20 per cent of Brits that sleep with a duvet have never washed it, despite recommendations that it should be washed every three months. With the survey, reported on by the, also finding that 97 per cent of us Brits sleep with a duvet, that figures sits at 13 million people who are settling down at night with never-washed duvets. Equally worrying is the fact that a further 78 per cent have only washed their duvet once in the past 12 months, much longer than the suggested length of time between washes. So what’s the harm if the duvet has a cover on it you might ask? Well, with the possibility of some 20,000 dust mites and skin scales lodging themselves in a duvet, as well as the chance of it having soaked up litres of sweat, you might have a hygiene problem on your hands. It can lead to worsening of allergies, as well as respiratory conditions along the lines of asthma. Whether the 20 per cent of Brits who never wash their duvets choose not to or simply didn't know is now a moot point – so for a fabulously clean home, be sure to wash your duvet every three months in addition to your bed linen laundry.

Late Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is in full flight, but that doesn't mean it's too late for a thorough clean - in fact it is the perfect time! Read on for some tips for deep cleaning in Fulham for this coming weekend.

Dust ceilings

Walls and ceilings are definitely areas of the house that get overlooked when it comes to cleaning, but once the sun starts to shine through the windows, you will be able to see dust and cobwebs galore. Spring clean your house by vacuuming the surfaces to remove dust and use a long-handled duster for hard-to-reach areas.

Clean carpets

You might hoover every few days, but over time, your carpet and rugs will get a build-up of dirt and watermarks from the passing traffic. If you have small children or pets, you will be familiar with muddy floors, so make sure you give your carpets and rugs a thorough shampoo to get rid of any stains.

Wash curtains

Now the evenings are lighter and warmer, you can get away with taking your curtains down to give them a good wash. Dust can build up in the material over time, so it is a good idea to get them professionally cleaned once in a while. Similarly, if you have blinds, make sure you dust them thoroughly and give them a good wash to remove any grime.


Your cleaning routine might consist of dusting and vacuuming, but for a good spring clean, do some polishing. Clean your metal door handles, stainless steel and wooden furniture, and your house will be sparkling for the summer ahead.

How To Keep Cleaning Safe For Pets

When you take on the best providers of cleaning Kensington has to offer, you get the knowledge and professionalism to tackle each job to a high standard, no matter the conditions. For pet-owners, we know that ensuring your home remains pet-friendly is a very important matter. For those times in between cleaner visits, we’ve compiled a little list of the best ways you can clean your home while remaining sensitive to your furry companion. When a cleaning product says to use in a ventilated area, don’t forget to make sure you keep your cat or dog in mind too – they won’t be able to tell you if the fumes are too strong for them. The best idea is to keep them locked away while you’re cleaning, or at least ensure the windows and/or doors in the room are well open to keep fresh air flowing into the property. When you’re spring cleaning, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself moving things from room to room – just be careful not to drop anything a cat or dog could potentially swallow or eat. They may see anything dropped on the floor as a new treat or toy, and small items could be a choking hazard or cause internal issues that require treatment by a vet. Of course, the same goes for cleaning products. Keep toxic substances in a cupboard, as if something is spilled and ingested by an animal, it could certainly prove fatal for them. A dog could easily knock something over while playing, while cats have a naturally curious nature that could see them spill open cleaning products with ease.

Top Tips For A Sparkling Oven

There are few domestic chores disliked as much as cleaning the oven, which is why it is a good idea to hire cleaning help in Wimbledon to take the task off your hands. But if you do have to undertake the job yourself, here are some tips to make cleaning the oven that bit easier:

Prepare well in advance

You can’t clean your oven if you’re planning to have family over for a big roast that day or if you need to bake a cake. Oven cleaning solutions typically take several hours to soak in, ruling out use of the cooker until it has been thoroughly removed.

Use a natural solution

You have probably tried every type of oven cleaning chemical in the past, but one of the most effective solutions for removing grime and grease from your cooker is simply baking soda and water. Create a paste with the baking soda and water and leave this to soak inside the oven for at least 12 hours. Once you wipe away the residual dirt and scrape off those stubborn stains, spray some vinegar around the surfaces. The vinegar reacts with the soda and creates foam. Finally wipe this away and keep spraying vinegar until you get a clean and shiny oven!

Clean oven racks separately

Before you get started on scrubbing debris from the inside of your oven, remove the racks and clean these separately. If you’ve ever tried to wash these in the sink, you’ll know they don’t fit. Instead, place them in the bath lined with old towels and cover with hot water. Place dishwasher powder or detergent into the water and let them soak for a few hours at least. You then simply have to scrub off the stains and rinse with water before you can place them back in your oven, ready to use again.

Easy Home Tricks To Leave Your House Spotless

If you lead a busy lifestyle, you probably need domestic cleaning help in Fulham to get your house clean and tidy. However, here are some tips on how you can keep your property as spotless as possible using simple items you already have in your home.

Keep carpets clean and fur-free

Pet owners will understand the trouble of trying to keep fur off everything, particularly carpets. That is why this tip from’s Pippa Ashman could be really useful. Speaking with the Daily Mail, she recommended putting on a rubber glove and going over carpets, furniture, curtains and floors, as pet hair will instantly stick to the glove and save you from blocking up the hoover. “The fur should easily stick to the gloves. Then wash your hands in water and the hair will unstick and float on top,” Ms Ashman stated. She also recommended sprinkling powdered cinnamon on top of rugs or carpets before vacuuming, as this spice helps to mask odours, leaving a fresh scent in the house.

Elbow grease for your oven

You can go out and buy lots of expensive oven cleaners, but one of the best solutions for getting a sparkling oven is to spritz some elbow grease after every use. This will remove the oil and fat distributed around the oven while cooking, and avoids the build-up of grime. Alternatively, you could squeeze some lemon on the oven door to remove the grease and leave a clear, shiny window. Ms Ashman also recommended cleaning ovens with a solution of baking soda, vinegar and elbow grease. The vinegar creates a foam with the soda, which you can then wipe away after several hours of letting it soak in.

Cleaning stainless steel

It can always be tricky to clean stainless steel, but using vinegar will help get rid of lime scale, while olive oil removes streaks or fingerprints. Wipe away with a dry cloth or kitchen paper to avoid smears, and create a gleaming look.