Do You Clean Under Your Furniture?

By | 15th September 2015
Homeowners might want to hire Clapham domestic cleaning services to help them keep their properties spick and span, given new research suggesting that if you don’t scrub your homes properly you could be putting your health at risk. Conducted by the University of Salford on behalf of Bosch Floorcare, the study found that one-third of carpets could well contain staphylococcus bacteria (which can result in pneumonia, skin and wound infections), the Daily Mirror reports. The university’s Dr Lisa Ackerley found that areas such as alongside beds, under the sofa and the bottom layer of thick pile carpets are often not as cleaned as well as they should be. “We were shocked at these findings which highlight the difference between what you can see and what may be lurking within metres of your sofa or bed. Regular cleaning with a high suction vacuum, and not just in those areas that are visible, is key to maintaining a hygienic and safe environment,” she was quoted as saying. Regular vacuuming is advisable for carpets but you should also make sure that you do a deep clean every 12 to 18 months to help get rid of germs and also prolong the life of your rugs. If you’re using a water extraction method – also known as steam cleaning – you’ll need to make sure that your carpet is dry within 24 hours to help prevent any mildew or mould from growing, as well as to stop your wet carpet from damaging your floorboards beneath.