Keep Spiders Out By Cleaning Up

By | 2nd September 2015

 domestic cleaning FulhamIf you let your rooms end up like this then you should expect to see spiders around the place.

Homeowners around the UK are being warned about spiders the size of mice that are likely to invade their houses over the autumn – but luckily there are ways you can help prevent these creepy-crawlies from coming in. Talk to your Fulham domestic cleaning service and they’ll be sure to give you lots of great advice on how to keep your property clean, one of the best ways of keeping spiders truly at bay. Spiders love nothing more than a dark place to hide in, so if your garden or your driveway is messy you’re giving them plenty of spaces to choose from. Keep garden waste at the far end of your backyard so it’s less likely that spiders will make their way into your house and make sure you keep the weeds around the walls of your house to a minimum to help discourage them. Getting out the broom and vacuum cleaner to whisk away any spider webs is also advisable, although if your professional domestic cleaning company comes in once a week they can do this for you. Don’t forget to do the corners of the rooms, the skirting boards and the wardrobes to help prevent spider problems as well. Essential oils can also help prevent spiders from coming in, so think about using peppermint, citrus, tea tree or lavender if you’re really keen to not see any mouse-sized spiders racing across your living room floor this autumn. Spray a mixture of oil and water on door cracks and window frames to act as a natural deterrent.