Nation’s ‘Dirty Duvet’ Secrets Revealed

By | 5th May 2016
While you don’t need the best domestic cleaning Wandsworth has to offer to tell you that you need to change your sheets regularly, it seems far more people would be surprised to hear they should be washing their duvet regularly too. A new survey from hyperlocal laundry app Laundrapp has found that 20 per cent of Brits that sleep with a duvet have never washed it, despite recommendations that it should be washed every three months. With the survey, reported on by the, also finding that 97 per cent of us Brits sleep with a duvet, that figures sits at 13 million people who are settling down at night with never-washed duvets. Equally worrying is the fact that a further 78 per cent have only washed their duvet once in the past 12 months, much longer than the suggested length of time between washes. So what’s the harm if the duvet has a cover on it you might ask? Well, with the possibility of some 20,000 dust mites and skin scales lodging themselves in a duvet, as well as the chance of it having soaked up litres of sweat, you might have a hygiene problem on your hands. It can lead to worsening of allergies, as well as respiratory conditions along the lines of asthma. Whether the 20 per cent of Brits who never wash their duvets choose not to or simply didn't know is now a moot point – so for a fabulously clean home, be sure to wash your duvet every three months in addition to your bed linen laundry.

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