How To Keep Cleaning Safe For Pets

By | 25th April 2016
When you take on the best providers of cleaning Kensington has to offer, you get the knowledge and professionalism to tackle each job to a high standard, no matter the conditions. For pet-owners, we know that ensuring your home remains pet-friendly is a very important matter. For those times in between cleaner visits, we’ve compiled a little list of the best ways you can clean your home while remaining sensitive to your furry companion. When a cleaning product says to use in a ventilated area, don’t forget to make sure you keep your cat or dog in mind too – they won’t be able to tell you if the fumes are too strong for them. The best idea is to keep them locked away while you’re cleaning, or at least ensure the windows and/or doors in the room are well open to keep fresh air flowing into the property. When you’re spring cleaning, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself moving things from room to room – just be careful not to drop anything a cat or dog could potentially swallow or eat. They may see anything dropped on the floor as a new treat or toy, and small items could be a choking hazard or cause internal issues that require treatment by a vet. Of course, the same goes for cleaning products. Keep toxic substances in a cupboard, as if something is spilled and ingested by an animal, it could certainly prove fatal for them. A dog could easily knock something over while playing, while cats have a naturally curious nature that could see them spill open cleaning products with ease.

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