Easy Home Tricks To Leave Your House Spotless

By | 22nd April 2016
If you lead a busy lifestyle, you probably need domestic cleaning help in Fulham to get your house clean and tidy. However, here are some tips on how you can keep your property as spotless as possible using simple items you already have in your home.

Keep carpets clean and fur-free

Pet owners will understand the trouble of trying to keep fur off everything, particularly carpets. That is why this tip from RugTraders.co.uk’s Pippa Ashman could be really useful. Speaking with the Daily Mail, she recommended putting on a rubber glove and going over carpets, furniture, curtains and floors, as pet hair will instantly stick to the glove and save you from blocking up the hoover. “The fur should easily stick to the gloves. Then wash your hands in water and the hair will unstick and float on top,” Ms Ashman stated. She also recommended sprinkling powdered cinnamon on top of rugs or carpets before vacuuming, as this spice helps to mask odours, leaving a fresh scent in the house.

Elbow grease for your oven

You can go out and buy lots of expensive oven cleaners, but one of the best solutions for getting a sparkling oven is to spritz some elbow grease after every use. This will remove the oil and fat distributed around the oven while cooking, and avoids the build-up of grime. Alternatively, you could squeeze some lemon on the oven door to remove the grease and leave a clear, shiny window. Ms Ashman also recommended cleaning ovens with a solution of baking soda, vinegar and elbow grease. The vinegar creates a foam with the soda, which you can then wipe away after several hours of letting it soak in.

Cleaning stainless steel

It can always be tricky to clean stainless steel, but using vinegar will help get rid of lime scale, while olive oil removes streaks or fingerprints. Wipe away with a dry cloth or kitchen paper to avoid smears, and create a gleaming look.

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