Bacteria Lives In Toilets After Cleaning

By | 24th September 2015
If you need advice on how best to keep your home or business spit-spot, talk to your Fulham cleaning service as they’ll be able to instruct you on proper techniques and the best cleaning products out there for you to invest in. Should you ever be tasked with cleaning a toilet, it might be worth bearing in mind that – according to professor Adam Hart from the University of Gloucestershire – bacteria can actually survive in your toilet bowl even after it’s been cleaned. In his new book, The Life of Poo, professor Hart observed that cleaning 3D surfaces like toilets can be tricky as it’s easy to miss bits and not do the best job. He went on to note that it’s likely people aren’t using enough disinfectant or for long enough. “A quick squirt around the bowl and a flush or a cursory wipe with a cloth containing already diluted disinfectant isn’t likely to result in the bacteria apocalypse you had planned,” he said. In order to really clean your toilet and get rid of all the nasty bacteria, use toilet cleaner on the inside of the bowl, squirting it inside the rim so it drips down the sides and into the water. Make sure it goes inside the rim itself as this is often neglected and mineral build-up can be seen over time. Use a firm toilet brush to scrub away, paying close attention to the water level and the back of the bowl, then flush – making sure you rinse the brush as you do it. Scrub as the water drains as this can help to get rid of any residual dirt.