What’s Lurking In Your Carpet?

By | 3rd August 2015
You might well think that carpets are a lovely cosy option to have at home that helps to keep the house warm and deadens any noise coming from other parts of the property, but what you might not be aware of is just how many different types of germs they harbour. All sorts of bacteria can lurk between the threads of your carpet and even if you’ve given it a vacuum recently, they could still be there. Campylobacter, for example, is often found in carpets and can be very dangerous, especially for older people or children, with symptoms of campylobacteriosis including abdominal pain, cramping and fever. Micrococcus can also be found in the carpeted parts of your home and can cause septic shock, meningitis and skin infections, while fungi and mould found in rugs and carpets can bring on very serious allergies. There’s only one way around the problem and that’s to hire Battersea carpet cleaning services to help you ensure that your rugs and carpets enjoy a deep clean on a regular basis. Make sure that you vacuum regularly yourself as well and try to keep the carpet as dry as possible, having it professionally cleaned at least once a year. Work out what areas in your house see the most footfall as well and concentrate on these parts in particular so as to avoid any build-up of bacteria. It might also be wise to ask people to remove their shoes when they come into your house so no dirt or grime is tracked through.